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Canton, OH (44720)

"Bicyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles."   --J. Forester--

The Stark County Bicycle Club (the "SCBC"), located in Canton, Ohio, was formed in 1968.
The Club has grown to 341 members, and offers the most robust and diversified ride schedule in all of Ohio.
In 2019, Club members logged 273,040 miles over the course of 1573 rides.

The SCBC Awards Banquet has been cancelled.

The banquet committee along with the executive board have elected to cancel our awards banquet, scheduled for Jan 9th of 2021, due to concerns for Covid 19 issues.

Individual awards will be sent out for our top riders, ride leader of the year, commuter miles, e-bike miles, and the President's award.

We would like to hold a celebration later, maybe this coming spring, in lieu of the regular banquet. More to come on that later.

Ride Leaders: Please utilize the revised ride sign-in sheet now posted in the Ride Maps section.

John Shaeffer - President Stark County Bicycle Club

The executive board of your Stark County Bicycle Club voted this evening (Sunday May 24th)
to open the club ride schedule for group riding on June 1st

   Below are the guidelines that must be followed if we are to maintain an active ride schedule.
   Your safety and well-being depend upon adherence to these guidelines.
   The steps defined below are simple and straightforward, so let's all do our part to keep everyone safe and enjoying what we love doing.
  • Pre-ride - Sign-up must be done by all riders. The ride sheet acts as a waiver and is necessary for the protection of all parties associated with the Stark County Bicycle Club. Riders can use their own pen for signing in and should wear a mask when doing so. Riders can wear gloves to achieve the sign-in or utilize hand sanitizer once they have completed this task.
  • Pre-ride socialization - riders must wear a mask and maintain 6 ft. social distancing.
  • Riding - In keeping with group size limitations within Ohio, rides groups will be kept to the State guidelines of no more than 10 persons per gathering. If more than 10 riders attend the ride, they must be broken down into smaller groups to be started at intervals determined by the ride leader. Please note that masks are not required to be worn while riding.
  • Spacing - Riders will maintain a minimum of 6 ft. of separation from other riders. It is highly recommended that spacing between riders be well in excess of 6 ft.
  • Ride Breaks - On longer rides requiring break stops, riders are encouraged to maintain the 6 ft. social distancing and to wear their masks unless consuming snacks or refreshments.
  • After Ride Socializing - After ride socializing is up to individual riders but should be done while wearing a mask and maintaining the 6 ft. social distancing spacing.
  • Precautions - All ride riders are urged to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms that might be associated with Covid 19, such as a fever, coughing, difficulty in breathing, or just not feeling well in general. It is also imperative that all riders bring a mask and hand sanitizer to rides. These items can easily be fitted in seat packs or jersey pockets, and are essential for rider protection.
  • Ride leaders will relay these guidelines either verbally or in written form to any non-members or guests who wish to participate on a Stark County Bicycle Ride.
John Shaeffer - President Stark County Bicycle Club

          Recent Web Site Updates
10/21/2020 New Map 957. CHARMING 30 - GRAVEL starts at Charm Family Restaurant, Charm OH.
                    A new 30 mile gravel ride originated by Jim Sloan. The ride starts at the parking lot adjacent to
                    the Charm Family Restaurant in Charm OH. 27 miles of gravel roads through a very scenic section
                    of Tuscarawus County Amish country with lots of hills, buggies, and electric bikes!
10/19/2020 Revised Map 435. DUNDEE FALLS starts at Crag Pittman Memorial Park.
                    A 33 mile map starting at Craig Pittman Park in Navarre. The digital RideWithGPS map has been updated with the
                    originator’s name and date, Michael Gorman, added to the description, along with some elevation information.
                    Point of Interest markers have been added to the digital map showing the locations of the two parking areas
                    that have short trails to the Upper and Lower Dundee Falls. The Falls are well worth the hike if you haven’t
                    seen them… especially in the spring when the water is high or during fall color. The falls are connected by a
                    scenic trail. Click here to view the revised RideWithGPS map
10/19/2020 Revised Map 269. NAVARRE TO ZOAR starts at Crag Pittman Memorial Park.
                    A 33 mile option and elevation profiles have been added to this 25 mile ride starting at Crag Pittman
                    Memorial Park in Navarre.
10/17/2020 Revised Map 507. CAMELBACK starts at Lake Avenue Trailhead.
                    A 25 mile option and elevation profiles have been added to this 43 mile Lake Ave Trailhead ride originated
                    by Fran Massaro in 2012.
10/14/2020 Revised Map 378. HELLO DALTON starts at Canal Fulton Park.
                    46 mile map from Canal Fulton. Due to closing of the Wenger Rd US-30 crossing the route has been changed
                    to Mill St in Dalton.
10/01/2020 New Map 806. OTET-Fredericksburg to Mt Vernon starts at Fredericksburg Trail Head.
                    This map was originated by Sharon Fritts who is scheduling a 102 mile round trip ride on the OTET
                    October 17th from from Fredericksburg to Mt Vernon. This 51 mile section of the Ohio to Erie Trail
                    uses three local, paved trails: The Holmes County Trail from Fredericksburg to Brinkhaven,
                    the Mohican Valley Trail from Brinkhaven to Danville, and the Kokosing Gap Trail from Danville to Mt Vernon.
                    Currently there are short sections of paved connector roads in Holmesville and Danville, and an eight mile
                    section of paved, rolling winding, road (RT-520) from Killbuck to Glenmont. Our 800 series trail rides
                    are unique in that a ride leader can schedule the ride to start at any trail access point (with parking
                    and rest rooms/porta pots available), and can schedule the ride for any distance.
09/30/2020 added October Spokin'Word on the Spokin'Word tab. A link is also provided on bottom of this page.
09/28/2020 updated the Membership list on the Member Directory Tab.
09/24/2020 Updated year to date mileage statistics on the Mileage Stats tab.
09/23/2020 Revised Map 491. NONSTOP TO NOWHERE starts at Quail Hollow Park.
                    35 mile ride starting at Quail Hollow Park. Cue change at 21.9
09/23/2020 Revised Map 464. STRANDED BOAT RIDE starts at Quail Hollow Park.
                    Cue change and map correction at Mile 9.5. Park name updated. Elevation profile added. Thanks to Karla Bedard
                    for pointing out the cue change.
09/08/2020 Revised Map 512. DIBBLE DABBLE starts at Quail Hollow Park.
                    A 29 mile Quail Hollow Park route originated by John Shaeffer in 2012. Minor cue corrections and clarifications
                    for the 29 mile RideWithGPS digital map. There are no changes to the 22 mile route or paper maps.
09/08/2020 Revised Map 380. SOUTHWEST TO ORRVILLE starts at Canal Fulton Park.
                    29 mile ride starting at Canal Fulton. RideWithGPS added. Paper map changed to RideWithGPS format.
                    This route features a trip down Deerfield Hill at an approximate 17% grade.
09/08/2020 Deleted Map 285. NIMISILA RESERVOIR RIDE which started at Canal Fulton Park.
                    This 24 mile ride from Canal Fulton Park has been deleted. There are 3 miles on OH-93 at the beginning of
                    the ride. We have 6 other similar but safer maps to Nimisila Reservoir from Canal Fulton Park and Jackson Park.
09/07/2020 added August Exec Meeting Minutes on the Spokin'Word Tab.
09/07/2020 Revised Map 175. NORTH TO VANDERHOOF starts at Canal Fulton Park.
                    RideWithGPS added and paper map put into RideWithGPS format with elevation profile and information. Minor cue updates.
09/07/2020 Revised Map 133. CRYSTAL LAKE LOOP starts at Canal Fulton Park.
                    A 19 mile ride starting in Canal Fulton. RideWithGPS, elevation information, elevation profile, new title
                    box, history and index boxes added.
09/06/2020 Deleted Map 105. TO ORRVILLE which started at Canal Fulton Park.
                    We are removing Map 105 from the SCBC Map Library. Map 105 is a 41 mile ride starting in Canal Fulton
                    which hasn’t been scheduled in 6 years. It is on OH-93 for several miles. We have other maps which are
                    safer and routed to the same general locations.
09/05/2020 Revised Map 110. HILLY HORROR starts at Canal Fulton Park.
                    103 mile ride starting at Canal Fulton Park. RideWithGPS added. Paper map changed to RideWithGPS format
                    with the 1989 map revision included in the packet.
09/04/2020 Revised Map 474. ALMOST CENTURY starts at Al Leno Community Park.
                    A 91 mile ride originated by Ron Curati in 2009. RideWithGPS, elevation profile, and elevation information added.
09/04/2020 Revised Map 386. COLUMBIANA BRUNCH RIDE starts at Al Leno Community Park.
                    An 86 mile ride starting at Al Leno Community Park. RideWithGPS replaced MMR. Elevation information and profile added.

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Dues are due March 31, 2020. If you have not already done so, send in your renewal today.
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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Ride Altitude Gain Data Collection

You will need an altimeter cyclometer or a GPS with barometric altimeter and about 5 min. of time each ride.
We will be averaging all the data on each ride so recording data on the same ride two or more times is helpful!
The more data we collect, the more accurate the results!   Record the total Altitude Gain & any comments.
When you get at least ten rides recorded, give or send them to me.
                Don Royer
Ride Altitude Gain Worksheet

Ernie's Bike Shop discount

Members: Please present your SCBC membership card/Ernie's Bike Shop discount card when you make a purchase at Ernie's. Please mention you are a member before the sale is rung up.

The Stark County Bicycle Club Patron's List

On behalf of the Membership, we would like to thank the following people for their support to our Club

Michael Burnett
Tim Conley
Mark Covert
Sally Griffiths
James(Bill) & Carol Johnson
Mike Juhasz
Robert & Melissa Kazar / Johnson
Dave & Corinne Keller / Zellers
Erik & Georgeta Nedelcu & Family
Larry Petrasek
Michael Reed
Mel & Donna Siebert
Jim & Susan Sloan / Madura
Paul Tucci
Rod & Michelle Yoder

Greg Buchanan
Raymund & Dawn Durkee
Carl Humenik
Eric Johnson
John & Fran Shaeffer
Jim Weinschenk
Dwight Witte

Paul & Mindy Borowski
Bob & Shelley Doerschuk
Robert & Cindy Eicher
David Kotte
Marshall Leininger
David McKinley
Kevin Mikesell
Bill & Karen Mishler
Chris Redmond
Sandy & Ed Robitz
Bud & Marjorie Scott
Robert & Janice Spalding
Bruce Treiber
Bob & Valerie Valentine

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