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"Bicyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles."   --J. Forester--

The Stark County Bicycle Club (the "SCBC"), located in Canton, Ohio, was formed in 1968.
The Club has grown to 309 members, and offers the most robust and diversified ride schedule in all of Ohio.
In 2017, Club members logged 273,969 miles over the course of 1515 rides.

               50th Anniversary Prizes

In you haven't started the 50th anniversary contest list, maybe a listing of the fabulous prizes will encourage you to start/complete the list.

1st Prize $200 In gift certificates for club/bike shop merchandise

2nd Prize $150 In gift certificates for club/bike shop merchandise

3rd Prize $100 in gift certificates for club/bike shop merchandise

4th Prize $75 in gift certificates for club/bike shop merchandise

5th Prize $50 in gift certificates for club/bike shop merchandise

Contest rules are on the bike club website. You don't have to complete the list to win but entries must be postmarked or received by Dec 15.

You are eligible to win no matter how many items you complete.

You may include any item completed in 2018 while you are a club member.

                    Bicycling Safety

                      Club policy defined for intersections

At the Executive board meeting Sunday evening Aug. 5, the subject came up, as it often has,
about our club rides and stopping at stop signs. Dave Cardarella reported that within the past
month three fatalities have occurred in Ohio due to riders failing to stop at stop signs (reasons
are unknown). After lengthy discussion on our club riding habits, calling "clear" at intersections
was singled out as a practice we should stop.

We believe repeatedly calling "clear" creates a lot of risk for these reasons:
     -  The "clear" signal may not leave time for all the trailing riders to enter the intersection
     -  Riders can develop the habit of blindly entering an intersection when taking the word of
         someone else.
     -  It defeats the purpose of the stop sign, and is probably illegal for the bikers that don't
         stop. If cyclists want motor vehicle traffic to respect laws pertaining to bicycles, e.g. the
         3' rule, we should follow the traffic laws ourselves.
     -  The first rider at the intersection may make a mistake, and miss seeing oncoming traffic.

We want the practice to end. We voted unanimously to pass a motion stating: "Riders
should not call "clear" at intersections. Riders should announce approaching traffic from any
direction at all intersections." Our intent is that every rider should check that the
intersection is safe
before entering the intersection.

It will probably take some time for this change to take hold. We don't expect the practice to end
immediately. We are asking ride leaders to talk about this before starting out, and all riders to
take it seriously. I believe this is an important change that will make our rides safer for all.

Rob Spalding

Club Merchandise Changes

After many years of handling club merchandise, Elaine Snively expressed a desire to pass this function
on to another member of the club. Since no one was forthcoming to assume this position, we have
accepted an offer from Ernie's Bicycle Shops to handle our merchandise going forward. Anyone wishing
to purchase a club jersey, jacket, mirror or logo socks may do so at Ernie's Lake Avenue Bicycle Shop in
Massillon. For questions on merchandise availability, members may contact Debbie Lehman at 330-832-
5111 or visit the Lake Ave shop at 135 Lake Ave NW, Massillon, Ohio. Yes, you will be able to use club
gift certificates when purchasing club merchandise. No, non-club members will not be eligible to
purchase our club merchandise. Yes, you will be charged sales tax when purchasing club merchandise
going forward. Keep in mind we are selling our merchandise at wholesale prices. You would not be able
to purchase any of these items at a comparable price anywhere else.

I will be handling the sale of small ticket items going forward. This would include items such as logo
towels, map cue sheet holders, mouse pads, bandanas, clear plastic wallets, license plate frames, etc. I
will be bringing these items to meetings where they will be available for purchase. No sales tax will be
charged on these items. Questions? Call or e-mail me - I'm in the Spokin' Word or in the member
directory on the SCBC site.

John Shaeffer

          Recent Web Site Updates
11/03/2018 updated membership list on the Member Directory Tab.
11/03/2018 Revised Map 238. OLD MCC ROUTE starting at DaIton Village Green Park.
                    A 59 mile ride starting at DaIton Village Green Park. I have added a 28 mile option including RideWithGPS,
                    elevation profile, and elevation information. The shorter route is less hilly, but like the long route,
                    passes through some very scenic Amish country. Thanks to Mike Juhasz for the suggestion.
11/02/2018 added November Spokin'Word on the Spokin'Word tab. A link is also provided on bottom of this page.
10/27/2018 Year To Date mileage statistics added on the Mileage Stats tab.
10/17/2018 Revised Map 139. BUCKHORN ADVENTURE starting at Grounded Coffee Shop.
                    47 mile ride starting at Grounded Coffee originated by Peg Abrams ca 1998. Map route line highlighted.
                    Minor cue updates. RideWithGPS added, Elevation profile and info added. Map history added. Mileage
                    change from 47 to 46 in Map List.
10/10/2018 added October Exec and Membership Meeting Minutes on the Spokin'Word Tab.
10/06/2018 Revised Map 407. MAGADORE RESERVOIR LOOP starting at Lake Community Park.
                    25 mile ride starting at Lake Community Park in Hartville. New map, same route. New Cue table. RideWithGPS,
                    elevation profile, elevation information, Map history, copyright, and index boxes added.
10/06/2018 Revised Map 404. DIAMOND AND DIAMOND BACK starting at Lake Community Park.
                    18 miles starting at Lake Community Park. Cued both ways. New map same route. New cue tables.
                    RideWithGPS, elevation profile, elevation info, and map history added.
10/05/2018 Revised Map 491. NONSTOP TO NOWHERE starting at Quail Hollow Park.
                    35 mile ride from Quail Hollow Park originated by Karla Bedard. RideWithGPS replaces MapMyRide, elevation
                    profile and information added, park name changed from Quail Hollow State Park to Quail Hollow Park.
10/05/2018 Revised Map 122. HARTVILLE/SUNSET STRIP LOOP starting at Lake Community Park.
                    21 mile ride. New Map and cue tables, same route, RideWithGPS, elevation profile, elevation information
                    and map history added.
10/04/2018 Revised Map 467. PUNDERSON STATE PARK starting at Hartville Fire Station.
                    A 100 mile ride starting from Hartville Fire Station cued both ways. RideWithGPS replaced MMR. Elevation
                    information and profiles added. Some minor cue changes and a Punderson Park map is now included.
10/03/2018 Revised Map 358. HACKETT LOOP starting at Canal Fulton Park.
                    34 mile ride starting at Canal Fulton Park. RideWithGPS replaced MMR. Elevation info and profile added.
09/25/2018 Added October ride schedule on the Ride Schedule tab.
09/21/2018 added September Exec and Membership Meeting Minutes on the Spokin'Word Tab.
09/21/2018 New Map 947. OCTOBERFEST AT BENTGRASS starting at 9995 Bentgrass Ave, Hartville.
                    This is the Three Churches Ride route reconfigured to leave from Rob and Janice Spading's home for 2018 Octoberfest.
                    There are two or three moderate hills, but it is mostly flat to rolling through rural countryside in the
                    Middlebranch/ Hartville area. A little bit of traffic can be expected when passing through Hartville.
09/01/2018 Revised Map 145. THE QUEEN'S WORKOUT starting at Southgate Shopping Center.
                    A 34 mile ride starting at Southgate Plaza originated in 1991 by Sandy Scherer and Linda Zaleski.
                    Minor route change eliminates turns onto Weaver and Millport. RideWithGPS, elevation profile,
                    elevation info, index boxes, and History added.
09/01/2018 Revised Map 107. TUSKY VALLEY HEIGHTS starting at Fort Laurens.
                    A 28 mile ride starting at Fort Laurens originated by Mike Abrams in 1995. RideWithGPS replaces MapMyRide.
                    Elevation profile added.
08/30/2018 Revised Map 316. THE POE LOOP starting at Loyal Oak Park.
                    A 35 mile map starting at Loyal Oak Park originated and drawn by Dave McKinley in 1991. RideWithGPS,
                    elevation profile, and History added.
08/30/2018 Revised Map 146. ROLLIN' ON THE RIVER starting at Grounded Coffee Shop.
                    45 mile ride starting at Grounded Coffee Shop. RideWithGPS link, elevation profile, elev. info, History,
                    index boxes, title box and route outline added. Cue updated. Total miles change from 44 to 45
                    Thanks to Mark Coventry for sending a RWGPS link.
08/21/2018 Revised Map 918. VENICE TO MYAKKA starting at either Island Sun or Rialto.
                    Changed start option to either Island Sun or Rialto. Minor cue correction.
08/21/2018 Revised Map 265. LONG WAY TO MAPLETON starting at Metzger Park.
                    38 mile ride starting at Metzger Park. RideWithGPS added.
08/21/2018 Added September ride schedule on the Ride Schedule tab.

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Dues are due March 31, 2018. If you have not already done so, send in your renewal today.
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50 Anniversary Contest

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Ride Altitude Gain Data Collection

You will need an altimeter cyclometer or a GPS with barometric altimeter and about 5 min. of time each ride.   We will be averaging all the data on each ride so recording data on the same ride two or more times is helpful!   The more data we collect, the more accurate the results!   Record the total Altitude Gain & any comments.   When you get at least ten rides recorded, give or send them to me.
                Don Royer
Ride Altitude Gain Worksheet

Ernie's Bike Shop discount

Members: Please present your SCBC membership card/Ernie's Bike Shop discount card when you make a purchase at Ernie's. Please mention you are a member before the sale is rung up.

The Stark County Bicycle Club Patron's List

On behalf of the Membership, we would like to thank the following people for their support to our Club

Shane & Lisa Beyer & Family
Cathy Daniel
Raymund & Dawn Durkee
Justin & Carol Hamilton / Youngblood
James(Bill) & Carol Johnson
Dave Keller
Nate Ray
Melvin & Donna Siebert
Jim & Susan Sloan / Madura
Lance Stillings
Tom Stuecheli

Carl Humenik
Robert Morris
Ed Schenck
James Weinschenk

Paul & Mindy Borowski
Ken & Karen Brott & Family
Bob & Shelley Doerschuk
Robert Eicher
Kenneth Knabe
David & Lynne Kotte
David McKinley
Bill & Karen Mishler
Dan & Jill Nonno / Lane
Chris Redmond
Foster II & Foster Sr Rose
Bud & Marjorie Scott
Rob & Janice Spalding
Bruce Treiber
Bob & Valerie Valentine

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