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Canton, OH (44720)

"Bicyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles."   --J. Forester--

The Stark County Bicycle Club (the "SCBC"), located in Canton, Ohio, was formed in 1968.
The Club currently has 277 members, and offers the most robust and diversified ride schedule in all of Ohio.
In 2020, Club members logged 202,656 miles over the course of 1118 rides.

2021 Poker Ride volunteer sign up

To volunteer for a vacent postion in the above list, you can use this link:

Send an e-mail to Paul Tucci

The list above will be updated daily if there are new volunteers added.

We still have a large need for Cookie Providers.

The SCBC Executive Board has decided that your 2020 club dues
will also cover your 2021 membership. This decision was reached
because many club events were cancelled in 2020 due to the
pandemic and the funds budgeted for those events were not spent.

If you are a paid member for 2020, you will not owe any 2021
membership dues. This includes individual and family memberships.

Note: To be a Patron Supporter for 2021, the donation is still:
              $45.00 Patron - Single Chainring Supporter
              $55.00 Patron - Double Chainring Supporter
              $75.00 Patron - Triple Chainring Supporter

          Recent Web Site Updates
04/11/2021 Revised Map 703. BALTIC GRAVEL starts at Lake Community Park.
                    A 27/37 mile ride on primarily gravel roads originated by Jim Sloan. It starts at a Village Park parking
                    lot directly behind the East Main Kitchen in Baltic, OH. This ride is an adaptation of an Ohio Gravel
                    Grinders ride starting in Charm. It is hilly and very scenic.
04/11/2021 Gravel Ride Maps have been switched from the 900 map number category to a new 700 map number
                    category. This will effect the following maps: Map 939 Holmes County Gravel Grinder changes to Map 700.
                    Map 945 Magnolia Gravel changes to Map 701. Map 946 Wilderness Backroads Gravel changes to Map 702.
04/05/2021 Deleted Map 374. MOHICAN OVERNIGHT starts at Petros Park.
                    This map has been removed from our Map Library. It has 25 miles on US-62 as well as many miles on state
                    highways and Harrison Rd and hasn’t been scheduled in 15 plus years. Also, there is a better map to
                    Mohican which starts at Franklin Park in Strasburg.
04/03/2021 Revised Map 510. HARTVILLE LONG LOOP starts at Lake Community Park.
                    A 44/54 mile ride starting at Lake Community Park. Route changes on both maps to avoid Teel Ave have
                    reduced mileages by two miles on both routes. Elevation profiles added. Originated by Bob Valentine in 2012.
04/01/2021 Revised Map 563. HARTVILLE ROOTSTOWN RUMBLE starts at Lake Community Park.
                    28/47 mile map starting at Lake Community Park in Hartville. Both the short and long versions have been
                    rerouted to avoid a section of Industry Rd. The short version mileage changed from 29 to 28 and the long
                    version from 45 to 47. Originated by Bob and Val Valentine 2020.
03/31/2021 added April Exec Meeting Minutes on the Spokin'Word Tab.
03/30/2021 updated the Membership list on the Member Directory Tab.
03/30/2021 added April Spokin'Word on the Spokin'Word tab. A link is also provided on bottom of this page.
03/29/2021 Updated Ride Leader & Club Member Guidelines on the About Us tab. A link is also provided on the top of this page.
03/29/2021 Revised Map 424. CHRISTMAN LOOP starts at Clinton Trailhead.
                    RideWithGPS replaced MapMyRide. Elevation information and an elevation profile were added to this 18 mile
                    route originated by Dave McKinley in 2006.
03/25/2021 Added April ride schedule on the Ride Schedule tab.
03/24/2021 Updated year to date mileage statistics on the Mileage Stats tab.
03/22/2021 Revised Map 564. RANDOLPH MARLBORO RUMBLE starts at Lake Community Park.
                    29 mile ride starting at Lake Community Park originated by Bob and Val Valentine April 2020. Route change
                    - Industry straight to Price instead of turning on Laubert.
03/12/2021 Revised Map 506. GREENBOWER LOOP starts at Lake Community Park.
                    34 mile ride starting at Lake Community Park in Hartville. A cue correction at Woodland/Wagler near the end
                    of the ride changes the total mileage from 33 miles to 34 miles. Thanks to Bob Valentine, ride originator,
                    for catching the error.
03/10/2021 Revised Map 343. REMEMBERING ALICE’S starts at Fort Laurens.
                    A 29 mile out and back ride starting at Fort Laurens. The turn around point has been changed from the Fire
                    Station on Canal St to Ohio St in order to avoid turning and lined up traffic at the US-62/Canal St traffic
                    light located at the edge of Navarre. Ohio St is a short block before the light. Alice’s Restaurant now
                    long gone was once an SCBC breakfast ride destination from our old Boliver School starting location which we
                    moved to Fort Laurens several years ago.
03/05/2021 Revised Map 478. PARADISE starts at the Lake Ave Trailhead.
                    A 29 mile option and elevation profiles have been added to this 52 mile map starting at Lake Ave Trailhead
                    in Massillon. Paradise was originated by Toni Powell in 2009.
03/05/2021 Revised Map 553. CLINTON CRESTON LOOP starts at the Clinton Trailhead.
                    The Deerfield detour has been removed from this 44 mile map starting at Clinton Trailhead. Originated by
                    Jim Sloan in 2019.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Ride Altitude Gain Data Collection

You will need an altimeter cyclometer or a GPS with barometric altimeter and about 5 min. of time each ride.
We will be averaging all the data on each ride so recording data on the same ride two or more times is helpful!
The more data we collect, the more accurate the results!   Record the total Altitude Gain & any comments.
When you get at least ten rides recorded, give or send them to me.
                Don Royer
Ride Altitude Gain Worksheet

Ernie's Bike Shop discount

Members: Please present your SCBC membership card/Ernie's Bike Shop discount card when you make a purchase at Ernie's. Please mention you are a member before the sale is rung up.

The Stark County Bicycle Club Patron's List as of 03-27-2021

On behalf of the Membership, we would like to thank the following people for their support to our Club

Michael Burnett
Joe Carpenter
Tim Conley
Mark Covert
Mike Juhasz
Robert & Melissa Kazar / Johnson
Dave & Corinne Keller / Zellers
Erik & Georgeta Nedelcu & Family
Larry Petrasek
Michael Reed
Priscilla Rice
Mel & Donna Siebert
Jim & Susan Sloan / Madura
Paul Tucci
Rod & Michelle Yoder

Greg Buchanan
Raymund & Dawn Durkee
Carl Humenik
Eric Johnson
John & Fran Shaeffer
Jim Weinschenk
Dwight Witte

Paul & Mindy Borowski
Bob & Shelley Doerschuk
Robert & Cindy Eicher
Sally Griffiths
Kenneth Knabe
David Kotte
Marshall Leininger
David McKinley
Kevin Mikesell
Bill & Karen Mishler
Chris Redmond
Sandy & Ed Robitz
Elaine & John Snively
Robert & Janice Spalding
Bruce Treiber
Bob & Valerie Valentine

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