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December   2022
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(1) December Club Meeting is at the Blue Heron Cafe      125 Lake Ave. NW, Massillon
Optional dinner @ 6   BYOB,     Meeting @ 7 PM

Day Date Time Starting Location       Map of Starting Locations Distance Class Ride Leader Map #
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Fri910:00 AMLake Community Park25/30OJohn Shaeffer 354-9971452
Fri910:00 AMDalton Village Green Park50OSharon Fritts 418-5285518
Sat1010:00 AMChurch of the Saviour, Wooster32OMike Burns 754-8753914
Sat1010:30 AMLake Community Park25OSally Griffiths 705-4435513
Sat1012:00 PMFranklin Park Strasburg42BBruce Treiber 844-1434189
Sun1112:00 PMCanal Fulton Park349OSharon Fritts 418-5285349
Sun111:30 PMLake Community Park29OBob Valentine 268-2680564
Sun112:00 PMLake Avenue Trailhead16/27OPeg Stoner 575-5334182
Mon1210:00 AMLake Community Park23/30OJohn Shaeffer 354-9971245
Mon1212:00 PMClinton Trailhead26OMike Burns 754-8753568
Tues1310:30 AMLake Community Park25OBob Valentine 268-2680513
Tues1310:30 AMCanal Fulton Park41OSharon Fritts 418-5285559
Wed1410:00 AMAl Leno Community Park26OJohn Shaeffer 354-9971248
Wed1410:30 AMLake Avenue Trailhead25/43OSharon Fritts 418-5285507
Wed142:00 PMCraig Pittman Memorial Park22OMike Burns 754-8753273
Thur1510:00 AMDalton Village Green Park45OSharon Fritts 418-5285451
Thur1512:00 PMMetzger Park27OMike Burns 754-8753367
Fri1610:00 AMJackson Community Park30OPeg Stoner 575-5334526
Fri1610:00 AMLake Community Park29OJohn Shaeffer 354-9971253
Fri1610:00 AMDalton Village Green Park33/61OSharon Fritts 418-5285558
Sat1710:30 AMLake Community Park24OSally Griffiths 705-4435125
Sat1712:00 PMCanal Fulton Park63OSharon Fritts 418-5285578
Sat172:00 PMCanal Fulton Park29BBruce Treiber 844-1434578
Sun1812:00 PMDalton Village Green Park55OSharon Fritts 418-5285537
Sun181:30 PMLake Community Park25/30OBob Valentine 268-2680452
Sun182:00 PMLake Avenue Trailhead16/27OPeg Stoner 575-5334182
Mon1910:00 AMLake Community Park25OJohn Shaeffer 354-9971513
Mon1912:00 PMClinton Trailhead21OMike Burns 754-8753420
Tues2010:30 AMCanal Fulton Park30/49OSharon Fritts 418-5285378
Tues201:30 PMLake Community Park25OBob Valentine 268-2680513
Wed2110:00 AMAl Leno Community Park24OJohn Shaeffer 354-9971403
Wed2110:00 AMDalton Village Green Park26/53OSharon Fritts 418-5285560
Wed213:00 PMMolly Stark Park30BBruce Treiber 844-1434208
Thur2210:00 AMDalton Village Green Park50OSharon Fritts 418-5285518
Thur2210:30 AMAl Leno Community Park23/26OSally Griffiths 705-4435248
Fri2310:00 AMQuail Hollow State Park28OJohn Shaeffer 354-9971523
Fri231:00 PMLake Avenue Trailhead43BBruce Treiber 844-1434507
Sat2410:00 AMDalton Village Green Park50OSharon Fritts 418-5285529
Mon2610:00 AMLake Community Park29/35OJohn Shaeffer 354-9971120
Mon2612:00 PMDalton Village Green Park33/61OSharon Fritts 418-5285558
Tues2710:30 AMCanal Fulton Park41OSharon Fritts 418-5285559
Wed2810:00 AMQuail Hollow State Park22/29OJohn Shaeffer 354-9971458
Wed2810:00 AMDalton Village Green Park55OSharon Fritts 418-5285537
Wed283:00 PMJackson Community Park30BBruce Treiber 844-1434526
Thur2910:30 AMLake Avenue Trailhead52OSharon Fritts 418-5285478
Fri3010:00 AMQuail Hollow State Park18/24OJohn Shaeffer 354-9971460
Fri3010:30 AMCanal Fulton Park50OSharon Fritts 418-5285349
Sat3110:00 AMDalton Village Green Park56OSharon Fritts 418-5285517
Sat3112:00 PMCanal Fulton Park42BBruce Treiber 844-1434111

Helmets are required on all club rides.

Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied
by a parent or other adult supervisor on all rides and at all club activities.

These maps are the sole property of the Stark County Bicycle Club and are provided to Club members
pursuant to a licensing agreement with Chicago Map Company and DeLorme Street Atlas and
a copyright release agreement with Kappa Map Group, LLC (800-829-6277).

Contact us at: bikescbc@bikescbc.com