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November  2019
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(2) Vetrans Day Ride, see Spokin' Word for details (3) Head & Tail Light required
Day Date Time Starting Location       Map of Starting Locations Distance Class Ride Leader Map #
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Tues195:50 AMCraig Pittman Memorial Park (3)18BBruce Treiber 844-1434274
Tues199:30 AMFort Laurens56OBill Mishler 600-0316161
Tues191:00 PMJackson Community Park27OMike Figg 323-7039520
Tues192:30 PMAlpine Community Park (South Lot)23OBill Johnson 309-7474248
Wed209:30 AMAlpine Community Park (South Lot)50BBill Johnson 309-7474141
Wed2010:00 AMLake Avenue Trailhead43OPeg Stoner 575-5334507
Wed201:45 PMCanal Fulton Park30OMike Burns 754-8753545
Wed203:15 PMMolly Stark Park30BBruce Treiber 844-1434211
Thur219:30 AMDalton Village Green Park50OBill Mishler 600-0316524
Thur2111:00 AMMetzger Park27OMike Burns 754-8753367
Thur212:30 PMAlpine Community Park (South Lot)23NRBill Johnson 309-7474248
Fri229:30 AMDalton Village Green Park55OSharon Fritts 418-5285537
Fri2210:00 AMLake Community Park28OJohn Shaeffer 354-9971253
Fri222:30 PMAlpine Community Park (South Lot)23OBill Johnson 309-7474248
Sat238:30 AMCrossroads Plaza28BBruce Treiber 844-1434354
Sat239:30 AMFort Laurens60OBill Mishler 600-0316454
Sat2310:00 AMCraig Pittman Memorial Park25ODennis Updike 417-3923269
Sun249:30 AMDalton Village Green Park56OBill Mishler 600-0316517
Sun2410:00 AMMassillon Lincoln Park18TRL-NRDennis Updike 417-3923802
Sun241:00 PMCanal Fulton Park42OMike Burns 754-8753111
Sun242:00 PMLake Community Park33OBob Valentine 268-2680506
Mon259:30 AMLake Avenue Trailhead52OSharon Fritts 418-5285478
Mon2510:00 AMLake Community Park23OJohn Shaeffer 354-9971245
Mon2511:00 AMClinton Trailhead26OMike Burns 754-8753423
Mon256:00 PMSippo Lake - Gateway MTB-TRL (3)5,10,15ODennis Updike 417-3923810
Tues269:30 AMCanal Fulton Park51OSharon Fritts 418-5285349
Tues261:00 PMJackson Community Park25OMike Figg 323-7039287
Tues262:30 PMAlpine Community Park (South Lot)23OBill Johnson 309-7474248
Wed279:30 AMAlpine Community Park (South Lot)50BBill Johnson 309-7474141
Wed271:45 PMCanal Fulton Park28OMike Burns 754-8753378
Wed273:15 PMCraig Pittman Memorial Park25BBruce Treiber 844-1434269
Thur289:00 AMCanal Fulton Park30OMike Burns 754-8753545
Thur2810:00 AMJackson Community Park27OPeg Stoner 575-5334283
Thur282:30 PMAlpine Community Park (South Lot)23NRBill Johnson 309-7474248
Fri299:30 AMDalton Village Green Park59OSharon Fritts 418-5285530
Fri292:30 PMAlpine Community Park (South Lot)23OBill Johnson 309-7474248
Sat308:30 AMFranklin Park Strasburg29BBruce Treiber 844-1434231
Sat309:30 AMDalton Village Green Park61OBill Mishler 600-0316558
Sat3010:00 AMJackson Community Park21,27O-NRDennis Updike 417-3923520

Helmets are required on all club rides.

Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied
by a parent or other adult supervisor on all rides and at all club activities.

These maps are the sole property of the Stark County Bicycle Club and are provided to Club members
pursuant to a licensing agreement with Chicago Map Company and DeLorme Street Atlas and
a copyright release agreement with Kappa Map Group, LLC (800-829-6277).

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