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Fast Pace
(over 19 mph)
An "A" ride is designed for the very strong rider in excellent physical condition, who can maintain a 19 mph pace for extended periods, and complete a century (100 miles), even in adverse conditions of weather, traffic and terrain, in under 7 hours.
Moderately  Fast Pace
(15 - 19 mph)
A "B" ride is designed for the strong rider, who feels comfortable sharing the road with traffic, and can complete a century (100 miles) in under 8 hours.
Moderate Pace
(10 - 14 mph)
A "C" ride is designed for competent riders, in good condition, who can handle most traffic conditions and can complete a 50 mile ride in under 6 hours.
Slow Pace
(5 - 9 mph)
A "D" ride is designed for steady riders who may not feel comfortable riding in traffic and do not wish to attempt rides in excess of 20 miles. The rider should be able to complete a 20 mile ride in less than 3 hours.
Open Pace
A Class "O" ride is one in which riders, including the Ride Leader, may ride at whatever pace they choose.
Variable Pace
An "NR" ride is specifically intended for new riders, who may be new to group riding. Everyone is encouraged to ride together at the pace determined by those participating. The Ride Leader will attempt to communicate "rules of the road" and will always stay with the slowest rider.
Open Pace
An "STR" ride is a designated Spring Training Ride. Starting the first weekend in March, "STR" rides are scheduled on each Saturday and Sunday. Rides start at 25 miles in length and progressively increase each weekend, until reaching the century mark (100 miles) the weekend before Mother's Day. All "STR" rides are Open class.
Variable Pace
A special designation given to "C" and "D" rides which are designed to appeal to those who may desire to ride long distances but wish to take their time and see places of interest along the way. These rides will generally have a destination of special interest. All riders will be encouraged to ride together in a group with the Ride Leader.

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